Trieste: what to see, attractions, places to visit

What to see in Trieste, attractions and places to visit in this city of Friuli Venezia Giulia, important from the point logistically since antiquity.

Attractions Trieste

Trieste, capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia, is located in the inner part and the eastern Gulf of the same name, on the Adriatic Sea near the border with Slovenia. The city covers an amphitheater from the coast to the slopes of the reliefs karst (672 meters above sea level), which lie behind it. Of Trieste, squeezed between the sea and land, the Bora comes sudden and impetuous blowing on a border town, rich in different cultures, the gateway to the Slavic countries and culturally open to Europe.

Important commercial center since ancient times, it was mainly under the Habsburgs that Trieste and its port experienced a great development, especially with the establishment of a free port in 1719, which made her privileged intermediary for businesses related to the Indies, the ‘ Italy, Germany and Northern Europe.

Places to visit in Trieste

The nineteenth-century buildings that line up along the shore testify this prestigious past, such as the magnificent Miramare Castle, built by Maximilian of Austria, at the end of a promontory, surrounded by a vast giradino Italian.

Inside you will find a wealth of furniture, porcelain, ivory and paintings, which represent one of the most significant examples of princely residence of the second half of the nineteenth century. Piazza Unification of Italy, open to the sea as a stage that has for background the facade of the Town Hall, is the main square of Trieste.

On top of the hill stands the Cathedral of San Giusto same name, main monument and symbol of the city, the result of the union took place in three hundred two previous Romanesque basilicas.