Trondheim Attractions: what to see in Trondheim Norway

A tour guide of Trondheim on attractions to visit and museums to discover in this city in Norway located at the mouth of the river Nid.

Where is Trondheim

This city of Norway is situated on the southern bank of the Trondheimsfjord, at the mouth of the river Nid. Nidaros, which means mouth of the Nid, is the name of this medieval city, an important pilgrimage site since the eleventh century until the Lutheran Reformation of the sixteenth century, As was the burial place of S.Olav, the Viking king who brought Christianity to Norway. The goal of the pilgrimage was the Cathedral began to build the tomb of S.Olav in 1070, and completed in 1300.

What to see in Trondheim

The current cathedral, in Norwegian Nidarosdomen, after suffering destruction and reconstruction, is a splendid example of Gothic and Romanesque style in the oldest part. This building, which in the past were crowned king of Norway, together with the palace is the Archbishop’s Palace, residence of the Archbishop until the Reformation in 1537, one of the oldest monuments of the city. Much of the route traveled by medieval pilgrims to reach the Nidaros Cathedral was restored, and through places of outstanding natural beauty, rich cultural evidence, to cross on foot or on skis.

From the old bridge Gamle Bybro citizen, dubbed the Portal of Happiness, you can see the Bryggen, historic warehouses of the eighteenth century. and the nineteenth century. overlooking the river, which recall the Hanseatic Quarter of Bergen. By Gamle Bybro can be reached through an uphill road, the Kristiansten Fort, to admire a splendid view of the city. About two kilometers from the coast Munkholmen, the ‘island of Monaci, once inhabited by Benedictine monks, was a land of running capital. In the seventeenth century. there was built a fort used as a prison.

Today it is a tourist attraction and a popular meeting place for the inhabitants of Trondheim, to reach it, from mid-May to early September operates a regular ferry service departing from a pier next to the fish market Ravnkloa. In Trondheim is the beautiful residence of Stiftsgarden, a magnificent wooden building dating from the eighteenth century, purchased by the Norwegian State in the nineteenth century, and currently used as the official residence of the royal family in Trondheim.

Museums Trondheim

Archbishop’s Palace: houses several permanent exhibitions about the Norwegian royal ornaments, the Museum of Weapons and the Museum of the Resistance, in addition to the Museum including original sculptures and archaeological finds from the Nidaros Cathedral, and Archbishop’s Mint.

– Sverresborg, museum of folk traditions of Trondelag that is built around the ruins of the medieval castle of King Sverre, on top of the hill.

– Ringve, Norway’s national museum of music and musical instruments.

– Kunstmuseum Trondheim, Trondheim Art Museum, temporary exhibitions and a permanent collection of modern art Norwegian and Danish.

– Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, a museum dedicated to the decorative arts that shows the best of Scandinavian design.