Tunisia: tourist areas to visit including the mountains, islands, inlets


Tunisia trip to discover the most beautiful areas, including regions itinerary landscapes disparate islands and temperate.

The most beautiful in Tunisia

Organize a trip that includes the regions of Tunisia and the tourist areas of Tunisia consist of the Atlas Mountains, the valley of Medjerda, the region of chotts and the Tunisian sahara. The Atlas Mountains, which occupy a large part of the territory of Tunisia, are located in the northern part of the country as a continuation of the Atlas and the Saharan Atlas Telliano Algerians, whose peaks have altitudes up to 1,600 meters.

In the center of town is a large plateau which descends gradually towards chotts or salty lake basins located under the sea level, which in turn, going south, join the Sahara desert resulting in some points to oasis.

The largest river of Tunisia, the Medjerda, goes to flow into the Gulf of Tunis after crossing the fertile valley enclosed by mountains.

The coast with rocks and sand in the north to the south, is characterized by numerous creeks and bays, including the Gulf of Gabes, which includes the island of Djerba, and the Hammamet gulf.

Djerba, which is the largest island of North Africa and including in the Gulf of Gabes, enjoys a temperate climate and is a popular international tourist destination. The peninsula of Cape Bon, situated in the extreme east of Tunisia, is just 150 km off the coast of Sicily.