Turin: monuments to visit the ancient capital of Italy

List of the main monuments to visit in Turin, tourist route from the Mole Antonelliana to Royal Palace, in a succession of extraordinary artistic beauties.

Turin travel guide

Turin was the first capital of Italy between 1861 and 1865 and today represents one of the major cultural and tourist centers in the Italian Piedmont. Turin has a vast artistic heritage of origins predominantly Romanesque and Baroque.

Among the famous monuments including internationally known examples are the Mole Antonelliana, the Royal Palace, once the residence of the Dukes first and then of the Kings who were in the city government, the Renaissance Cathedral dedicated to St John the Baptist in which there the Holy Shroud, the Egyptian Museum and the Palazzo Madama.

Also worth visiting the neighborhood of Cit Turin with its many buildings built in Art Nouveau style. Particular feature of Turin are the arcades which extend for about twenty kilometers largely interconnected. Built in different periods, the first arcades date back to medieval times while most of those still present were built from the seventeenth century onwards.

First evidence of this fact is the order of Charles Emmanuel I dating back to June 16, 1606 which concerned the construction of Piazza Castello following the draft Ascanio Vitozzi which involved the construction of the arcades around the entire square.

In those years were built by Filippo Juvarra also the arcades of the Palace door while Benedetto Alfieri was in charge of the renovation of the arcades of the Town Hall Square. The porch that connects Piazza Castello to Piazza Vittorio Veneto crossing Via Po on the left side had the function to allow, with the complete traversal of all the streets, reaching the river Po from the king without getting wet in case of rainy weather.