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ukraine map
ukraine map

Guide Ukraine, things to know for holidays and travel in the state of Eastern Europe with the capital Kiev, the necessary documents.

Ukraine in brief

  • Capital: Kiev
  • Size: 603,700 sq km
  • Population: 45,706,100
  • Religion: predominantly Orthodox Christians, followed by Catholic Christians, and minorities of Protestants, Jews and other religions.

Where is Ukraine

Ukraine is a state in Eastern Europe consists of 24 provinces. After Russia, Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, bordered by Romania and Moldova to the south west, Hungary and the Slovak Republic to the west, Poland to the north-west, Belarus to the north and the Russia to the northeast and east. To the south overlooking the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov. The territory of Ukraine is largely occupied by the East European Plain or Russian Plain, moved to the southeast from the Donets Ridge and west by the shelf podolico. To west the Carpazis are found, that boast the tallest top of the Country, the Hoverla (2061 meters above sea level).


The rivers of Ukraine are used as a communication and for hydroelectric production. The main rivers are the Dnepr, which flows on the territory of Ukraine for a long stretch of its course, the Danube, on the border with Romania, the Dniester, the Southern Bug and Donets, a tributary of the Don. The Svityaz is among the most picturesque lakes in the country, belongs to the group of Shatsk lakes, located in Volhynia, on the north-western Ukraine, near the borders with Poland and Belarus.


The climate in the inland areas of Ukraine is temperate continental. The north-eastern Siberian influenced by breezes, and the northern area of ​​the country, have harsh winters and relatively warm summers. On the coast, temperatures are slightly warmer than the inland areas.


The population consists mainly of Ukrainians (78.1%) and Russians (17.3%). The remainder is minorities Tatars, Belarusians, Moldovans, Jews and others.

Time zone

UTC/GMT +2 hours


Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine.

When you go to Ukraine

The best time to visit Ukraine coincides with the months of May and June. They can also go the summer months, especially for beach tourism in the Black Sea area. The winter is very cold in much of Ukraine.

Travel Documents

You need a valid passport to enter Ukraine. If you are a U.S. citizen, you do not need to have a Ukrainian visa as long as you will be in Ukraine for fewer than 90 days within a 180-day period. You need a visa or valid Ukrainian residency permit for all stays longer than 90 days.


Calling code: 00380


Electric supply: 220V-50Hz.


The Ukrainian Hryvnia is the official currency of Ukraine (UAH).