Upper Normandy: what to do and see in the far north French

Holidays in Upper Normandy, landscapes, gastronomy, what to see, from the Cathedral of Evreux swamps of Vernier, in the region of northern France from the cliffs of alabaster.

Guide Upper Normandy

Upper Normandy region offers visitors varied landscapes and well preserved made of forests, green meadows, cliffs Alabaster along the coast and the wonders of the Seine valley. It’s situated in the northern part of the state, the largest city is Le Havre, another center of lesser importance is Rouen, the English Channel coast bathes her.

Land rich in culture and tradition puts at disposal of the tourist an excellent cuisine and a wide variety of local products. Worthy of note are the specialties made from apples, fruit grown in quantity and renowned for the quality of the many varieties treated, including deserves to be remembered Norman cake, made with pastry crust and covered with apple garnish with cream, eggs, sugar and Calvados.

To see Evreux with its cathedral, Pont Audemer with its canals, the swamps of Vernier and the village of Lyons la Foret. The Seine Maritime is famous for its coasts made of chalk cliffs and the abbeys located in the splendid valley of the Seine.