Val di Fassa, excursions and holidays in the Dolomites

Story regarding trekking Val di Fassa, which is one of the main valleys of the Dolomites including the Trentino Alto Adige, with descriptions and travel time walking trail.

Excursions Rosengarten Vajolet

In the third week of July in July 2008 we went to Val di Fassa to spend a few days hiking in the mountains of the Dolomites. We had a total of 3 days to do them and list in chronological order. With the convenient cable car from the center of the village Vigo di Fassa we climbed to 2000 meters in the resort Ciampedie.

From here we continued on foot along the paths 540 and 546 to the refuge Gardeccia Vaiolet to the refuge (m. 2243), from where we could admire the beautiful towers Vaiolet. Travel time 2 hours and hours went 1.50 return. The wide path, because the fund mostly gravel, not allowed us to considerably reduce the time taken for the return.

Rifugio Viel del Pan Pordoipass

Another beautiful scenic hike was to the shelter Viel del Pan where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Marmolada (m. 3230), the Sas de Pordoi (m. 2950) and Piz Boe (m. 3152). We from Vigo di Fassa reached the pass of Fedaia at the artificial lake, covering a car about 20 miles of highway comfortable employing a few minutes of time given the low volume of traffic.

From here the path 601 that goes very quickly up to m. 2300 to settle back down around that dimension in a gentle ups and downs between gradients, to the refuge. Journey time of two hours one way and 2 hours to return.

Da Col rodella the Refuge Pertini Plattkofel

Leveraging the Cable car to Col Rodela that starts from Campitello (Ladin (Ciampedel) we brought in 2327 meters altitude near the Rifugio Col Rodela. From there we continued on foot to the Refuge August (d. 2298), Shelter Sandro Pertini ( m. 2300) and Rifugio Sasso Piatto (m. 2301), from which we could see the Alpe di Siusi.

The weather was cloudy in the morning with slight openings of heaven and timid rays of sunshine in the late morning. In the early afternoon surprise us a strong storm with hail on the path of return that forces us to a forced stop at the refuge Sandro Pertini in the hope that the storm to subside.

Completely soaked, we decided to continue the journey after 15 minutes, saw the continuation of the storm and the Cooler. On the way there is a raging torrent that trouble crossing forming a human chain along with other escusiontisti.

Now close to the cable car Col Rodella the driver of a pick up of the forest offers us a ride. Finally hopped on the cable car we start the descent but the engine will stop leaving us hanging in the air with the driver who says they are “only” electric shock. Time Walk 2 hours round-two hours back.

Excursion Karersee

On the day of departure for the return we did stop at Lake Carezza, typical natural mountain lake in a hollow that has the characteristic of having transparent waters thousand reflections which have their natural habitat of various species of fish and seaweed.