Varna: what to visit, from the aquarium to the archaeological museum

orthodox cathedral assumption varna bulgaria
orthodox cathedral assumption varna bulgaria

Holidays in Varna, and activities, visit the aquarium dolphin, the archaeological museum and the necropolis in the Bulgarian town of very ancient origins, an important port in the nation and popular tourist destination.

Guide Varna

Varna, a Bulgarian city overlooking the Black Sea coast, is one of the most interesting of the Bulgarian coast, a major port and a resort town from the past and significant in this dynamic and modern. Promenade stretches the Primorski Park, an attractive and wide open green area in 1878, with spaces dedicated to the garden and promenade. Inside the park there are the ‘Aquarium, the National Naval Museum el’ Aquarium dolphin. A staircase leads to the long sandy beach bordered by a road and its vibrant night life in the many locals in attendance, including bars and restaurants.

Varna, formerly Odessos, was founded by the Greeks in 580 BC, on a site inhabited since prehistoric times, dating back to the Chalcolithic. The Varna Necropolis, archaeological site that is located a few kilometers from the center near the lake, is a valuable record of prehistoric. In the tombs in this vast area, were found many objects of gold masterfully chiseled, until now considered the oldest gold treasure in the world. In large Archaeological Museum, are preserved important findings of these ancient civilizations, dating back to the Paleolithic, the populations of the Greeks, the Thracians, Slavs and Bulgars, also the Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

In the second century. AD the Romans settled in Odessos, this time the city retains the remains of the magnificent baths, built under Emperor Septimius Severus. During the Middle Ages was called Odessos Varna and, before being conquered by the Ottomans in 1393, was subjected to alternate periods, the Bulgarian and Byzantine domination.

In 1829 the Russians conquered the city, which emerged as a port and trading center, as well as a resort in the early twentieth century. Among the most important monuments stands out, with its golden domes, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Assumption, built in the nineteenth century.

Inside you can admire, a revered icon of Our Lady of the Assumption, interesting frescoes and masterpieces of art made of carved wood, which distinguish the bishop’s throne and the iconostasis. About 15 km from Varna is the Monastery ALAGIA, founded in the thirteenth century., Where they lived the hermits of the religious current hesychast. Near the church of the Monastery are the catacombs, cave rooms on three floors.