Vermont trip: what to see in the state of New England

Visit Vermont, information about the territory and economy, such as city and visit attractions in the small state of the US, between mountains and plains.

Vermont Travel Guide

One of the minor states of the United States, Vermont is part of the New England region, the name of French origin, means Monte Verde. Neighboring states are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Canada while the capital is Montpelier.

The mountain range of the Green Mountains is the largest in the country and Mount Mansfield, over thirteen hundred meters high, it is the highest peak. Another mountain range parallel to the Green Mountains is the Taconic Range, which has, however, much less high reliefs and degrading to the eastern plains of Lake Champlain.

The Connecticut River Valley, located in the east, is a flat area. The climate of Vermont is continental, therefore characterized by wet summers and very cold winters. The economy is based on the cultivation of cereals, vegetables, potatoes and fruit, as well as on cattle and other farm animals and forest exploitation.

Of great importance also the quarries of marble and granite, the production of maple syrup, food industries and textile, woodworking, paper processing and pulp. Moreover, thanks to the beauty of the landscape, is also a major tourist destination.

What to see in Vermont

Major cities to visit are Montpelier, Burlington, Barre and Rutland.

– Montpelier is the state capital and in addition to being the county seat of Washington County. In the south it is crossed by the River Winooski while in some residential districts pass its tributaries. The economy is based on the service sector linked to the role of capital and industry of the granite.

Burlington is the largest city and is located on Lake Champlain at the mouth of the Winooski River. As for the industrial sector, woolen mills and steel industries are present, while in the surroundings there are several quarries of marble and granite. Important resort is also home to University of Vermont which incorporates within it an important institution for agricultural studies.

– Barre is part, along with Montpelier, Washington County and is the third largest city by population in Vermont.

– Rutland is a town best known as a holiday resort and winter sports centered in Pico Peak.