Verrucole Fortress: tourism, how to get, San Romano

What to see at Fortress Verrucole San Romano Garfagnana, how to get there, history, visit the Church of San Lorenzo.

Guide Verrucole Fortress

The Verrucole Fortress is located at the eponymous village, a hamlet of San Romano in Garfagnana in the province of Lucca, and represents the medieval castle. This old building is located on a hill about 600 meters above sea level and overlooking the Apuan Alps, the Apennines and the valley floor. Leaving the car in the main square where the church of San Lorenzo, you walk along the short climb that leads us to the summit, which offers among other things a breathtaking 360 degree view of the whole ‘ surrounding area.

The forms of this fortifiazione reveal clearly its medieval origin. Initially it was formed by two nuclei in dispute, the “Rocca Tonda” placed at the highest point on the south and the “Rocca Quadra” instead situatta north. The Round Rock, which is the oldest part dates back to the eleventh century and consists of a massive keep octagonal accessible via a steep stone staircase and where at that time the Lord was staying in his rooms on two floors. Are still visible remains of the kitchens and other adjacent rooms.

At the bottom of the stairs was the chapel of which today you can still see the stone columns with carved capitals. The keep has south of a crenellated wall that surrounds the inner courtyard. Other two curtains embattled start flowing northward along the edges of the cliff that surrounds the promontory where the complex and reach the point where there was the “Rocca Quadra”, the core military of which today no traces remain as it was replaced by the two bastions current facts build during the rule Estense.

In this part of the castle are the underground tunnels that served as gunpowder. In the space between the two nuclei joined by two battlemented walls are including the two towers in a semicircle, the slits and the walkway. In the western end is the main and only entrance. The Fortress Verrucole belonged first to the family of Gerardinghi and was later sold to Lucca in the thirteenth century. In 1446 it was acquired by the Este family that made the most important fortification of Garfagnana.

However, beginning from early 1500 began the period of decline despite Ariosto, commissioner Este in Castelnuovo Garfagnana prodigasse for it to be restored. In 1564 the Duke Alfonso II d’Este such assignment to Marco Antonio Pasi, famous military architect of the time, to adapt it to new defensive systems.

For this was demolished the fortress quadrangular and were built to house two large bastions cannons, improving with this connection with the circular fortress, which in the meantime had also been expanded and updated to the new military requirements. In the nineteenth century the garrison was finally dismantled. Significant is also the Church of San Lorenzo in Verrucole, with its beautiful stone portal of 1820, the lintel adorned with a decorative pattern on top festooned with a broken pediment including in the central part of a niche containing a statue of saint.

The bell tower is square and low height. The interior has a nave with a depressed arch that marks the area where the altar and the frescoed ceiling. Very original side altars decorated in stucco late seventeenth century, a wooden sculpture representing the Madonna and Child attributed to the master of Lucca, the paintings of the Madonna and the Saints Lorenzo and Lucia dating back to 1600, the Lord and the Saints Antonio and Biagio 1500.