Via degli Abruzzi: the history of the route between Florence and Naples

Via degli Abruzzi has long been the main axis of communication between Florence and Naples. The historic route through the central Apennines of Abruzzo, where there are cities and countries that preserve a rich cultural heritage, while being indoors in the mountains.

History Via degli Abruzzi

In the past these places were at the center of trade and commerce, seeing their shares go from the history of Italy, from the Angevin kings of Savoy and Aragonese army that crossed these places before meeting Garibaldi at Teano.

It is a very interesting route which reveals an Italy rich in tradition and history. The way of the Abruzzi was born to unite the Sabina to Sannio, passing through the region of the highlands, led from the Etruscans North with Greek-Etruscan Campania.

Later, under the dominiazione of Rome was built the Via Tiburtina Valeria Claudia that diminished in part because of the importance of the Abruzzi. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire via degli Abruzzi regained importance with the increase of trade and military and a renewed strategic importance in the age of Anjou became even greater.