Vieste: what to visit in the medieval center, sea caves

What to see in Vieste, town and the famous seaside resort in Puglia province of Foggia, located at the eastern Gargano, on a rocky promontory jutting into the Adriatic sea, visit the caves and towers.

What to see in Vieste

The urban structure is formed by a side facing east, perched on the rocky point of San Francesco, where the medieval center with the Church of San Francesco and the Cathedral, and a modern part lower that stretches between Punta San Francesco and Punta Santa Croce, facing north, where there are the newest districts and the port.

On the rock of St. Euphemia, which stands alone in front of Punta Cross, is located the lighthouse of Vieste, an important signal for sailors. The medieval center in the slope facing southeast, overlooking the sea from the top of the steep cliffs, and is often characterized by white houses with small terraces that line of narrow alleys connected by arches and stairways.

The ancient town slopes down to the north to the Tower of defense, while the top of the headland stands the Castle built by Frederick II in 1240 and later rebuilt. Below the high rock wall on which lies the castle lies the beach of the Castle, known as Pizzomunno, from the name of a rock 26 meters high, detached from the cliff and molded by sea erosion, considered the symbol of Vieste . Departing from the port of Vieste tours are organized by motorboat that exploring the beautiful coastline that winds to the south, towards morning.

The high and rocky coast has spectacular caves, gorges, arches, stacks and beautiful bays with turquoise waters, dominated by high white cliffs crowned with pines.

The excursion includes also the entrance motorboat in some of the caves most picturesque coast and a bathroom in one of the most beautiful bays of the Gargano. The trip takes about 3 hours and it is preferable to do it in the morning, for the optimum reflection of the sunlight that illuminates the shoreline.

A survey the sea there are some towers dating from the sixteenth century or so, which are a feature of the Gargano coast and the entire coast belonged to the Kingdom of Naples. Along this path, in fact, we can see the ruins of the Tower Gattarella, the Tower of San Felice, the Tower of Portogreco, the Tower of Pugnochiuso, constructed so as to be able to communicate with each other, and give faster signal danger in the event of a pirate attack.

Another very interesting excursion is the day trip to the islands Tremiti, via a boat that sails in the morning from the port of Vieste and allows you to visit the islands with various stops, then return in the afternoon.