Vinci: what to see, museum and birthplace of Leonardo

What to see in Vinci, visit the ancient medieval town located in the province of Florence in Tuscany, on the slopes of the Montalbano hills between vineyards and olive groves, where the birthplace and museum of Leonardo.

Guide Vinci

About 3 km from the historic center, along an ancient path or a scenic road, you reach the village of Anchiano, where it is located, surrounded by the green countryside, the house where Leonardo was born. Together at the library and at the Leonardo Museum, which houses most of the inventions and designs, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci is a visible witness of how this great artist was linked to his homeland, with its landscape that was His great source of inspiration for the studies and designs of genius created.

What to see in Vinci

The village of Vinci has medieval origins, was a possession of fedudatari Guidi, until 1254 when it was sold to Florence. The castle with its two towers dominates the whole town and much of the lower Valdarno. Inside the Castle, which houses one of the two locations of the Leonardo Museum, coats of arms are preserved frescoes and a beautiful polychrome terracotta of 1523, attributed to Giovanni della Robbia.

The other site of the Leonardo Museum is located in nearby Palazzina Uzielli. The building overlooks the square of the Guidi, in a setting designed by Mimmo Paladino. The village is part of the Church of Santa Croce, according to the documents already ‘from the year 1132.

Originally Romanesque architecture, the building took on its current appearance after the work performed in Renaissance style between 1925 and 1935.Presso the font of this church was baptized Leonardo, as attested by a document’s grandfather Ser Antonio da Vinci.

Note that, seen from above, the historic center of Vinci, for its characteristic shape similar to a boat is also known as “Castle of the ship.”