Virgin Islands, holidays and what to see in the archipelago of the Caribbean

Useful information for traveling to the Virgin Islands, where they are and political dependence, facilities, environmental conditions, best way to get around, what to see and the best beaches.

Guide Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands, located between the lower end of the Lesser Antilles in the east of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, are administered politically in part by the United States and in part by the United Kingdom. Use belong to the westernmost islands in addition to Saint Croix which is the largest distant few dozen kilometers to the south.

These islands are of volcanic origin with an economy centered on tourism and the cultivation of sugar cane. The Virgin Islands, which are divided into British and American, are a unique vacation spot, where there are many very good standard hotel, immersed in a pristine environment where nature reigns supreme as the saying goes.
The best way to appreciate in the best way this natural setting is the sailboat that lets go around the island just listening to the sounds of the wind and sea, get a perfect tan while you look around entranced by the beauty that surround us.

To visit the islands Virgin Gorda and Tortola in the British Virgin, both natural paradises with the presence of dolphins in the blue sea.

To see even the islands of St. John and St. Croix, in the American virgins, frequented by famous families in the United States, where you can enjoy great cocktails, made with fresh fruit, lying in the sun on the beautiful beaches. The Virgin Islands are all characterized by lush vegetation and many species of animals.