Viseu: what to visit in the ancient city of Portugal

What to see in Viseu, Portugal ancient city founded by the Celts and the seat of a school of painting once frequented by great artists.

Viseu Portugal

Ancient city of Portugal founded by the Celts and occupied by the Romans in the second century BC, Viseu is situated on a promontory from which you can enjoy the sight of a beautiful landscape of woods and vines. It ‘a bishopric and its old houses are very characteristic.

In 1500 it was the seat of a school of painting became famous for the presence of great artists such as Vasco Fernandes and Gaspar Vaz whose works are exhibited in the Museum de Grao Vasco.

What to see in Viseu

The most important buildings are located around a large square presided over by a cross Renaissance. The Church Cathedral, dating from the thirteenth century, has the usual amalgam of styles due to the various renovations. Thus, the two towers of the facade and interior columns are Romanesque, while the strings are often Manueline style and the Renaissance cloister.

The Chapter Room adjacent to the church is the treasure containing Limoges enamels, vestments, religious objects and sculptures by Joachim Machado de Castro.

The Museum of Grao Vasco adjacent houses works eponymous painter and decorative tiles of the seventeenth century. Significant from the point of view of art, the Church of Mercy with baroque facade comprising two towers and neoclassical interior. The Rossio is the central square with a monument dedicated to Henrique the Navigator and manicured gardens.