Viterbo: what to see in the city of Terme dei Papi

What to see in Viterbo, attractions and places to visit in this ancient city of Latium of Roman origin, once papal seat, home of the famous spas.

Viterbo Attractions

Viterbo is located at the base of the Cimini Mountains along the Via Cassia, on the lands of ancient Tuscia. The nucleus was an important Roman town, and had a remarkable development from the XI century becoming 1257-1281 papal seat, why Viterbo is called the City of the Popes. The walls of the medieval period, which originally contained many small villages, has survived almost intact.

Inside are preserved monuments of various periods, valuable works of art, elegant palaces, towers and fountains, as well as characteristic medieval quarters. On Piazza San Lorenzo, located on the hill inhabited since Etruscan times, arise the most important buildings of the city, the Cathedral and the Palace of the Popes.

San Lorenzo cathedral, built in the twelfth century on the place where there was a small church dedicated to San Lorenzo. Its structure in the Romanesque style, following alterations dating back to the sixteenth century, is in the Renaissance style.

Places to visit in Viterbo

Popes Palace, of Gothic architecture, was built between 1255 and 1266 in order to provide a safe home to the popes who moved their residence. Near Piazza Duomo the medieval quarter of San Pellegrino is distinguished by the many houses with the typical open staircase, called profferlo.

During the period of Commons, in 1247, arose Plebiscito square where were built the Palazzo del Podesta and the Palazzo dei Priori. Do not forget that in Viterbo September 3 of each year is celebrated Santa Rosa, the patron saint of the city, with a party that includes a procession of illuminated steeple 28 meters high and weighing about 50 tons, topped by a statue of the saint, carried on shoulders hundred-bearers, in memory of the transfer of the body of the Holy occurred in 1258.

Terme dei Papi

For centuries, since Etruscan and Roman, the thermal waters of Viterbo are famous for the beneficial properties teraupetiche and were in the past frequented by various Popes who recognized the great attributes.

The spas are also commonly called Terme dei Papi and the properties of their waters have characteristics of type sulphurous and alkaline-ferrous fluoridated, with a temperature of 40 to 58 ° C. This allows you to make many spa treatments in Viterbo.