Washington in two days: what to see, places to visit

What to see in Washington in two days, attractions and places to visit in the capital of the United States of America.

Attractions Washington

Washington, which is part of the District of Columbia, is located on the left bank of the Potomac River, in the central eastern part of the US, between the State of Maryland to the north and the state of Virginia to the south at about 370 Km from New York. In 1790 the US Congress decided to build the new capital of Washington.

Was formed the “District of Columbia”, and not to favor any of the existing cities, it was decided to build a new one in land specifically designated for this purpose that they were in an intermediate position in order to satisfy the states of both the north and south.

Pierre Charles L’Enfant is the name of the architect who was responsible for the planning of the city but, since the beginning of the implementation came into conflict with the committee that oversaw the work, he was fired.
However, the committee members were already in possession of a copy of the drawings, made them revise by surveyors Andrew and Joseph Ellicott and the project was well made. Washington is home to the US federal government, the main government institutions, various ministries and federal agencies and international organizations in the USA.

Places to visit in Washington

The main centers of power including The White House, the residence of the President, and the Capitol, seat of Congress, are linked by the Pennsylvania avenue and the Mall while they rotate around other buildings and places of interest including the Washington Monument , the tallest structure in the city, which is a marble obelisk erected to commemorate George Washington, first president and founding father of the United States.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is a war memorial in honor of the members of the US armed forces killed in the Vietnam War. Lincoln Memorial, a building erected in honor of Abraham Lincoln, is one of the most important and popular US presidents assassinated.

National Museum of American History, which collects the findings of the United States in the fields, social, political, cultural, scientific and military. National Gallery of Art, a gallery of masterpieces of ancient and modern art, bronzes and decorative arts. National Air and Space Museum, where you can admire airplanes and spaceships.