Water of Lourdes: go drink at the spring and wash

pools water lourdes
pools water lourdes

The spring water of Massabielle in Lourdes is above all a symbol of the Virgin Mary which has served, making her discover Bernadette in February 25, 1858 in the Cave.

No efficacy without prayer

Bernadette has always taught that the water of this spring would have no effect if it had not been used together with prayer, removing any doubt about any magical powers that some may give it.

In the liturgy of the water is used in the sacrament of baptism to erase the original sin. The spring water of Massabielle, according to chemical analysis, appears to be a normal drinking water, drinking and washing means rediscover the meaning and grace of the first sacrament, which makes the baptized a Christian son of the Church. Carrying through the gestures of Bernadette, the pilgrims purify their souls and their bodies.

Some artisans of Lourdes offered their work free for some work in the Cave, in order to make the source available to all. Castérot, a tinsmith willing, installed the first zinc bath equipped with three taps, today, to the right of the cave, there are thirty-four fountains that allow pilgrims to drink and wash your face, according to the will of the Madonna.

At first the sick were to ask to be immersed in the water source. The construction of the first wooden building of the pools was built in 1862, replaced in 1891 with a stone building. This includes seventeen stone basins in which the pilgrims, sick and healthy, are surrounded by nurses or ambulance.

Annually, are approximately 4 million pilgrims, with great faith in Christ, you do immerse the Massabielle Grotto in Lourdes.