Western Samoa: travel guide, information holiday

samoa western map
samoa western map

Travel Guide Western Samoa, where they are, climate, documents required, when to go in the islands of the South Pacific.

Western Samoa

  • Capital: Apia (lies on the island Upolu)
  • Surface area in square kilometers: 2.944 sq km
  • Population: 178.846
  • Religion: mostly Christian Congregationalists, followed by Catholics, Protestants and other religions.

Where are Western Samoa

Samoa or Western Samoa is an island nation of Oceania consists of two main islands, Savaii and Upolu (separated by the Straits of Apolina), and several smaller islands located in the South Pacific Ocean archipelago of Samoa, about 800 km north of Tonga. The Samoa islands are of volcanic origin. The Savaii island is characterized by a morphology rather rough and bumpy and is dominated by a steep volcanic cone, Mount Silisili, which reaches 1,857 meters above sea level. The island Upolu has a sweeter morphology, the main findings are the peak Tafua (650 m) and those of Fito and Vaaifetu (1100 m). The islands are surrounded by coral reefs, it is covered by lush vegetation that grows mainly inside, while in the coastal plantations prevail formed, in part, from coconut and breadfruit.


The climate of Western Samoa is tropical. The heat is mitigated by sea breezes and, during the austral winter (May to October), the trade winds blow from the southeast, fresh and quite dry. The rainy season begins in November with the arrival of the southern summer, which coincides with the hottest period (January-March) and more humid year. Rainfall is most intense in the months of January and February. During the austral summer typhoons can occur.


The population consists mainly of Samoans.

Time zone

UTC/GMT +13 hours
During Daylight Saving Time UTC/GMT +14 hours


The official languages ​​are English and Samoan.


The economy of Samoa is based mainly on agriculture. The main cash crops are bananas, coconut palm, cocoa and sugar cane, while indigenous staple food is provided by some tubers such as yam and taro, breadfruit and by the corn. The trade balance is a constant and strong deficit between the value of imports (machinery and equipment, fuel, food and textiles) and the low value of exports (fish, oil and coconut cream, copra, taro, cocoa and pieces parts for automobiles).

When to go to Western Samoa

The best time to visit Western Samoa from June to September.

Travel Documents

Passport valid for at least six months past the date that you intend to leave the country.
Visa for Samoa is not required for stays of up to 60 days.
For some nationalities is required visa.


Calling Code is 00685


Supply electricity: 230V 50Hz


The Samoan Tala is the official currency of Western Samoa.