Wisconsin: what to see, travel between the highlands and lowlands

General information for holidays in Wisconsin, where he is, landscape features of this state which is one of the most important holiday destinations in the United States, climate, economy and places to visit.

Travel Guide Wisconsin

The Wisconsin USA is one of the states that are part of the United States of America, located in the Great Lakes region, bordering Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and state, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

And ‘one of the favorite holiday for many Americans, especially thanks to its natural beauty.

The Wisconsin presents diverse geographical features, including the flat area on the shore of Lake Superior, the highlands of north-rich conifer forests, the central plain characterized by particular rock formations and farms developed.

Wisconsin has a temperate continental climate that favors the cultivation of grain, with very cold winters and summers are usually hot but with frequent rains.

The economy is mainly based on agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

The most popular spots on the tourist point of view are the Museum World Circus, the ‘House on the Rock in Spring Green, and festivals that take place mostly in the summer months.

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin as well as the county seat of Dane and university.