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yemen map
yemen map

Travel Guide Yemen, news practices to go in this African state, and how to get the best times to visit.

Yemen in brief

  • Capital: Sanaa
  • Size: 527,970 sq km
  • Population: 23,085,000
  • Religion: Sunni Islam


Yemen is a country located at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, its official name is the United Republic of Yemen. It borders Saudi Arabia to the north, with Oman in the east, and is wet from the Red Sea to the west and south by the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean. They belong to the Republic of Yemen also the archipelago of Socotra in the Indian Ocean, and the archipelago of Zucur-Hanish islands and Kamaran and Perim, in the Red Sea. The territory of Yemen rises on average to above 2000 meters above sea level, includes almost 2000 km. Of coastline and, compared to other countries in the Middle East, is distinguished by the variety of natural environments. In the western section of Yemen, the plateau overlooking the Red Sea, whose maximum altitude is over 3500 meters above sea level, is affected by a series of valleys that descend on the coast characterized by a coast partly alluvial and partly hilly. The plateau, proceeding inward sloping eastward character desert while taking a strip of Rub’al Khali, a vast desert of red sands, occupies the northern end. The plateau resumes share in the central-eastern and the southern part of the country, with reliefs on 2000-2500 meters above sea level which succeed in steep slopes towards the Gulf of Aden, giving way to a narrow, flat coastal strip.


The main river is the wadi hadramawt that, in the lower part of its course, has a water flow perennial named Wadi Masilah.


The climate of Yemen is predominantly tropical dry, with high temperatures mitigated by the altitude.
The rainfall concentrated in the summer months in mountainous areas.


The population consists almost entirely of Arab and Somali minorities, Asians and by a small number of Europeans.

Time zone

UTC/GMT +3 hours


The official language of Yemen is Arabic.


Yemen is the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, the population living in the most rural areas and is occupied mainly in agriculture, sector that is affected by the environmental limitations and has little relevance to the production of GDP. The main agricultural products are coffee and cotton.
Almost all of the exports on oil, although in recent years has suffered a sharp decline. Tourism has huge potential for development, especially in the historical and archaeological sites on the coast and on the islands, but has difficulty asserting.

When to go

April, May, September and October are the best months to visit Yemen.

Travel documents

To enter Yemen is required a passport valid for at least six months after the date of departure.
Visas is required.


Calling code: 00967


Supply electricity: 110/220 volts.


Yemeni Riyal is the official currency of Yemen.